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Hair Transplantation

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Medical Methods


It is the procedure of injecting vitamins, minerals, oligo elements which are necessary for hair to grow up, to hairy skin through special injections.

Depending on the level of the problem, number sessions are determined. On average 6-8 sessions are adequate. Since hair mesotherapy nourishes hair roots, hair becomes dense and hair loss problem may stop.


PRP is a method deriving from the initials of “Platelet Rich Plasma” and meaning rich plasmas from thrombocyte

Blood of 8-10cc obtained from the person is centrifuged and separated from its cells. Plasma liquid obtained is applied to problematic area (thin and hairless) after having a special process. This plasma liquid contains thrombocytes, white cell, coagulation factors, and thrombocyte growing factors. In this method growing factors ensures to increase activation of stem cells located in the problematic area and ensures quick reproduction thereof. Therefore tissue renewal process become activated fast. This is one of the newest method to be used to strengthen the weakened hair roots and to stop the hair loss. It may be applied once a month and on average 3 sessions are adequate. Serum prepared in this method contains the patient’s own blood, it activates grow up of hair roots on hairy skin, and it is one of the newest methods used in hair loss treatment.


Laser which is being used in many fields of modern medicine also takes its position in hair treatment. After the laser therapy applied to hairy skin in low doses, it accelerated the blood flow, and ensures follicular to be nourished more.

In hair losses depending on various reasons, one of the solutions suggested depending on the causing factors is Medical Treatment. Medicines suppressing androgen hormone and lotions and tablets accelerating blood flow in hairy skin are available.

Using method and dose of such medicines are determined after an examination performed by a specialist. However, hair grow up rates are very low. However, when it is applied to weak and thin hair, noticeable refreshment and thickening are observed.