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Hair Transplantation

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Hair Transplantation Methods


It is the procedure of transplantation of hair roots genetically coded not to fall, which are located at the specially hairy part of neck, to the hairless or thin haired area. Micrograph is the status of follicular unit including hair strand or strands by separating them. Separation of hair follicules may affect the success of hair transplantation procedure.

In FUE method, follicular units are obtained from the donor area one by one and never lose their structures. If it is performed through this method, it guarantees the success of procedure.

Since this method is free of pain and provides us to have the maximum hair strand transplantation, it is preferred the most. Recovery period is very short. Patients may continue their daily works just the next day. No distention or bruising is observed. Through this method, it is possible to have natural and dense hair.


It is the procedure of surgically extracting the transplant named “flap”, which has a genetic of not being lost, located in the neck area between two ears, transplanting it to hairless or thin area after being separated one by one under the microscope. Since this method restricts the number of hair roots, and has a painful recovery period plus it leaves scar on incision area, today it is hardly preferable.


For people who does not have enough hair on their neck, body hair are obtained one by one, and used for densification.