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Hair Transplantation

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. To whom hair transplant procedure may be applied?

    It may be applied to everybody who does not have systemic or metabolic disease, or who is not having an oncological treatment. If the person used to have a disease, it should be informed to the specialist. What is more, it is not suitable for the people having inadequate hair density in the neck area.

  2. After hair transplantation, can hair gel or spray be used?

    Transplanted hair has no difference from the other hair. You may grow it or dress as you wish. It is not inconvenient.

  3. Is the hair transplantation procedure painful?

    Local anesthesia is administered during the hair transplant procedure. No pain is felt during the procedure or after it. Especially, FUE method is very comfortable, recovery period is very short compared to other methods.

  4. Is it possible to go to work after the transplant?

    If you work in jobs requiring very heavy body performance, it is better for you to rest for few days. Since it is not an operation causing your body to be weak or exhausted, You may start working on the next day.

  5. How long does hair transplant procedure take?

    As being directly proportional to number of roots to be transplanted, it takes 6-8 hours.

  6. What kind of a process does expect the other hair after hair transplant?

    Since new vascularity and blood flow are developed on the area of transplant, non-transplant hair also becomes thicker and starts to be nourished.

  7. Does transplanted hair fall and become lost?

    Transplanted hair is not lost, because they have the genetic code of the hairs not falling which are located in the behind the neck area. Even if you lose your non-transplanted hair, transplanted one shall remain.

  8. How many days shall be adequate for hair transplant?

    1 day is necessary for operation, and you can visit us for the dressing and control then you may turn back.

  9. When does new hair start to grow up?

    Transplanted hair starts to grow up within 2-4 months on average, and 70-80% of it shall have grown up within 6-8 months. Total development is completed in one year

  10. Is it possible to obtain hair from another person?

    Unfortunately, it should be the root of the person’s own hair. Tissue refusal may develop

  11. Is it possible to wear a hat?

    Person may wear hat on days following the operation